CNYLearns is a service of the Literacy Coalition of Onondaga County.

Our mission is to build upon our heritage and collectively support community initiatives that raise literacy levels across the lifespan in Onondaga County. Solving the problem of low literacy gets at the root of educational, social and economic issues in a way that no single subject does.

It’s time for a collective approach to literacy solutions and, ultimately, measurable systemic change. Working together we can truly honor our legacy of literacy and, in turn, create a thriving community of life-long learners. Your input and suggestions are most welcome!

Vision Statement:

Our Vision is 100% Literacy through 100% Community Engagement.

Mission Statement:

Our Mission, as the birthplace of the modern literacy movement, is to collectively build and support community initiatives that improve literacy levels across the lifespan in Onondaga County.

Our Goals:

  • Advocating for Literacy
  • Building Partnerships
  • Providing Resources & Building Capacity
  • Evaluating our Work & Reporting Progress
  • Keeping the Community Informed