TEDCenter of University College

The TEDCenter provides a wide breadth of literacy and skill building programs to prepare individuals to go to college, build foundational skills to prepare for and advance their career, attain certification, and develop skills employers are seeking. Foundational skill building programs are available online 24/7 with options for employers and community based organizations to enhance the skills of their stakeholders.

Westcott Community Center

Westcott Community Center is:

  • A community center that seeks to serve not only the Westcott neighborhood, but the entire metropolitan Syracuse area;
  • A venue for classes, dramatic performances, celebrations, community meetings, and much more; and

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Newland Learning Center

The Newland Center is a non-profit, volunteer-based organization that is dedicated to providing free adult literacy services to our Syracuse inner-city neighborhoods. What makes us different from other local literacy centers, is that the Newland Center has a more “home-like” atmosphere since it is located in a house and students are expected to feel welcomed and learn comfortably.

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To provide adults in the Central New York with the literacy tools and skills that they need to be contributing, productive, and engaged members of the community. We do this by advocating for adult education, providing instruction, and partnering with other community based agencies. Improving Adult Literacy makes our community stronger.

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Syracuse Educational Opportunity Center (SUNY EOC)

The SUNY EOCs are a system of educational enterprises that serve eligible adult learners. As a part of this system, the Syracuse EOC delivers comprehensive, community-based academic and workforce development programs and provides support services that lead to enhanced employment opportunities, access to further education, and personal growth and development. These goals are accomplished through relevant courses of instruction, counseling, employment and educational placement, and through programs of community service.


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It is the mission of JOBSplus! to focus everything that is said and done in the welfare system on helping people find and keep employment. This begins the moment individuals first apply for public assistance and continues until all who are able have achieved economic independence. JOBSplus! will provide more opportunity for participants in this endeavor by enhancing and increasing their responsibility for their own success.

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Onondaga County Public Library (OCPL) at The Galleries of Syracuse

The Onondaga County Public Library’s Adult Literacy Program offers a variety of materials and services in support of our mission to assist our adult learners in becoming “information literate,” and to help them on a path to lifelong learning. Information literacy includes:

  • traditional literacy (reading and writing)
  • media literacy (using videos and audiotapes for information)
  • computer literacy (using literacy software and other basic applications)
  • network literacy (using OCPL’s online catalog, serials database and the Internet)

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North Side Learning Center

The NSLC empowers refugees through English Language education to be independent and to become active participants in their community.

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Refugee Assistance Program (SCSD)

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