English Language Institute of University College

ELI is a pathway to achieving English language proficiency. It provides English courses incorporating cultural as well as linguistics knowledge and skills for many purposes: academic, business, general, law, or whatever you might need.


To provide adults in the Central New York with the literacy tools and skills that they need to be contributing, productive, and engaged members of the community. We do this by advocating for adult education, providing instruction, and partnering with other community based agencies. Improving Adult Literacy makes our community stronger.

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Syracuse Educational Opportunity Center (SUNY EOC)

The SUNY EOCs are a system of educational enterprises that serve eligible adult learners. As a part of this system, the Syracuse EOC delivers comprehensive, community-based academic and workforce development programs and provides support services that lead to enhanced employment opportunities, access to further education, and personal growth and development. These goals are accomplished through relevant courses of instruction, counseling, employment and educational placement, and through programs of community service.


Main Location

Refugee Assistance Program (SCSD)

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